When in Camiguin Island

We arrived at the Laguindingan Airport at around 5am with my boyfriend, cousins and my previous colleague.


We went to their port to catch a ferry ride going to Camiguin, the drive is approximately 3 hours. But we didn’t mind since we’re all giddy and excited to go.


We spent most of our time taking pictures and sleeping (because our flight is 4 am) while waiting to arrive to the island.

We’re so thankful that we arrived safely.
Another boat trip going to the White island.



While I am going through this trip, I realized that God is truly amazing for creating such a breath taking place, plus it is in our own country!

I needed this trip badly after everything that I have been through. I needed a getaway outside the chaos and madness that I am experiencing and this place is the perfect place to do some soul searching. I wouldn’t mind being trapped in this gorgeous island for some couple of days.

I have a tumultuous mind and I am emotionally in pain during this trip but I love how God works in our life, although sometimes we’re not acknowledging it, or sometimes we’re just too self-absorbed and we’re just considering this kind of things as being plain lucky. It’s His will for us to take a break, not quit but just take a break.

I’m glad that I get to explore this island even just for 2 days. I’ll probably be back soon!




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